KnitOlympics – Day Two (Sunday)

Oy. I’m sick of knitting.

Am I allowed to say that? Will I get disqualified???

Actually, I am just sick of the project I pulled out of the pile.

Project from Hell


I’ve been working on it ALLLL DAAAAAY and it is now 9:30 p.m. and the “women” (I put that word in quotations because a more accurate word would be “girls” judging from the shapes of their bodies) gymnasts are doing their floor exercises. It’s a kind of crescent scarf  done with short rows and then finished with a knitted-on border of 37 leaves. When I picked it up this a.m. I had fewer than 12 leaves done. I now have 29. WILL I MAKE IT TONIGHT????? I sure hope so.

Last night’s knitting ended with a bang, too. After the Fish Hats I picked up a project my friend Sara asked me to finish for her. It is a Kernel Scarf made with Crystal Palace Panda Silk. I thought she needed me to knit a 3-inch section and/or undo a mistake she had made. But when I opened up the package – which I have had for months(!!!) – I found she just needed me to do a 49-st row of Kitchener stitch. Well, I can do that in my sleep. So that was a fourth project done!

My friend Rachelle came over today to knit and watch. She has joined me in the KnitOlympics and brought her finished baby hat!


But when I showed Rachelle  the pile – the pile which she had already seen online – she burst out laughing (AT ME NOT WITH ME) and said it really seems much bigger in person. THANKS RACHELLE!!! Naw, seriously, we had a good time a-knittin’ and a-watchin and a-eatin’ soup and drinkin’ Aperole spritzes.

I made black bean soup

Rachelle brought bread, cookies, and the homemade pickled green beans in the background and about 4 huge zucchinis from her backyard. SHE IS A ROCKIN GUEST.

She was working on her Fickle Knitter shawl – Rachelle, which one is it again? – with her Sincere Sheep lace yarn – yarn I have in a color I have BUT NO, I CAN’T START ANYTHING NEW BECAUSE I HAD THIS BRILLIANT IDEA THAT I COULD ONLY KNIT WIPS FOR THE NEXT THREE WEEKS.

Which brings me back to the leaves. As I watched the American women perform their floor routines, I myself performed a perfect landing . . . .

I even blocked the sucker!

 I finished just before poor Jordyn Wieber found out she would not be going to the all-around, despite being the world champ in gymnastics. There’s this new rule that require each country to send only 2 gymnasts to the finals. Used to be the top 24 scorers went, and Jordyn, after a botched landing and apparently being underscored, was well within that elite group. But because two of her teammates had slightly higher scores, they go and she doesn’t. Watching her absorb the news and then stand there while her successful teammates were interviewed by “reporters” was a study in grace. I feel horrible for her. You know how I started this post saying “I hate knitting”? I’ll take its frustrations any day over what that young lady just went through. Wow.

Jordyn Wieber

Current MEDAL count – I have five completed projects –  1/3 of the way to my Bronze Medal. Go me.



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I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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4 Responses to KnitOlympics – Day Two (Sunday)

  1. Sara Diamond says:

    Hi Kimberly, Thanks so much for finishing that Kernel scarf. Please post a photo of it. Can’t wait to wear it!

    • kjwinston says:

      Hey you!!! I finished it, but did not weave in the ends – you’ll have to do that. It is awfully soft and pretty tho. Sorry it took me so long. Had I realized it was just Kitchener (and I’m sure you told me, but my brain is Swiss cheese lately) I would have done it sooner. When are we going to the movies????

  2. Rachelle says:

    Congrats on two more finished projects!!! Go team Kimberly!

    And, thanks to you for inviting me to that shindig… You are a rocking’ hostess!!! I had so much fun! Knitting, watching, eating & drinking… I can’t think of a better way to spend lazy Sunday.

    Fickle Knitter Simple (ha!) Triangle Shawl is what I was working on. What was the name of your leafy thing again? When the knit-O-lympics are over, I may want to start one….

  3. Lisa HOlmes says:

    Is that project from hell the Saroyan? It came out great! ….So, its short rows with a leaf pattern border. That leaf pattern shows up alot, but I love it!

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