KnitOlympics – DAY ONE (Opening Ceremonies)

WELL! Seems I have both touched a funny bone and garnered quite a bit of support! I am very excited to have heard from so many people, so many great comments on yesterday’s post! Thank you so much, everyone.

So, did you watch the Opening Ceremonies??? Did you have fun? Was your favorite part Queen Elizabeth II diving out of that helicopter with Daniel Craig to the 007 theme song? Thought I would spew Montepulciano out of my nose. But I kept calm and knit on.

We had some friends come over to watch the night’s events with us and this is how they showed up:

Tom and Allie – GO TEAM USA

Best part – Tom has the Olympics’ theme song playing on his iPhone. Second best part – the torch is a Magnum flashlight with a can of sterno taped to the top. Other best part – they left it here and we’re taking it back to their house – re-lit – when we gather to watch the Closing Ceremonies over there.

Our very own Olympic “torch”

But now to what ya really wanna know – how did I do in the KnitOlympics yesterday? I finished ONE WHOLE PROJECT:

Baby Wrap Sweater – Project ONE!

Okay, full disclosure, it just needed a seam resewn, ties attached and ends sewn in . BUT I DID IT DIDN’T I????? Despite the fact this has been languishing in my knitting bag for more than a month.

The pattern is “Baby Wrap Sweater” and it is a great one from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. The pale green yarn is from Sincere Sheep and  – – – damn, can’t remember. I suck.

Taffy sporting her Team USA Colors!

After I finished that, I picked up an almost-done Fish Hat from Knitty. Yes, people, this is low-hanging fruit, but what can I say? I will do almost anything right now to make that embarrasing pile go down at least a little bit.

Project Two – Fish Hat

Sad thing – during one of the commercial breaks last night I took two of my guests – both women, neither one knitters – and showed them the pile. I thought they were gonna do an intervention right then and there. I quickly appeased them by throwing a handful of completed moebii scarves at them and saying HERE, TAKE ONE, TAKE ANYTHING YOU WANT JUST STOP POINTING AND STARING AT ME I HAVE A PROBLEM IT ISN’T NICE TO STARE AND LAUGH AT THE ENFEEBLED.

It worked. The both went home with new scarves and I slunk back to my knitting . . . .

Allie and Rocky, doing what Rocky does best!


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I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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4 Responses to KnitOlympics – DAY ONE (Opening Ceremonies)

  1. Sarah says:

    Fabulous, Kimberly. Don’t know what I liked best – the costumes your friend’s donned (what a kick!), the photo of Rocky or your finished project. As usual, you make those of us who are mere mortals feel like we need a kick start! I’ll embrace the “no new project” mantra for three weeks, but I am frightened of doing the bed pile up. I did pick up a sweater in progress for the show, but it was so exciting I could barely knit. Loved it. Even Paul Mc. Pulled it together after a shakey start.
    And so, the mustard?

    • kjwinston says:

      Yes, i am not sure I recommend the bed pile up. I am still reeling from it. It LOOMS everytime I enter the room. Terrible. The mustard was an enormous hit! And another big hit were the pickles! This is a crowd that likes strong flavors and the mustard was intriguing to them because it tastes of horseradish but there is none in it! We finished half the jar and ate more than another whole jar of pickles and then I sent them each home with more pickles. Terry has to go buy more cukes tomorrow on his way back from tennis.

  2. agujasblog says:

    Great way to finish up some projects!

  3. Rachelle says:

    You ROCK!! Love the “Keep calm, and Knit On” motto!

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