The Obi Shawl

Or, as it was called when I began knitting it, the Fickle Knitter/Zen Yarn Garden Mystery KAL 2. Now, after the KAL is over, it is called The Obi Shawl.

The Obi Shawl

I finished it and I FINALLY blocked it. I love it,  I think it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

So this was a project that I signed up for in – I think March. We had a choice of three colors of Zen Yarn Garden’s Serenity Silk Lace, a blend of merino, cashmere and silk. I chose blue, which I believe was called Spirulina. My friend Sarah chose the same color and my friend Sheri chose the coral color.

A word about this yarn: scrumpbellyicious. Okay, another word: softopsycholumptious. One more: gimmegimmegimmemore. This is one of the softest, most sensuous yarns I have ever worked with. I get hot thinking about it WOOO HOOO!

Okay, back to the shawl. It is done in three sections. The first is a very pretty, almost stripe-like lace pattern that radiates out from the center spine to the edges:

Section 1

The second section was a stockinette section where you added a bunch of stitches in little clumps, worked a few more rows, and then decreased those same stitches. I think this effect makes these little things that look like blooms or bubbles . . . .

See the little “blooms”?

The last section is the border. Now this is where I f&%ked up. In my eagerness I misread the chart and instead of working the lace pattern every fourth row, I worked it every other row (every right side row). So my border is lacier than Michelle Miller intended. I didn’t figure this out until I was halfway through the border and I wasn’t going to go back! But I really like the outcome . . .


This was a really quite easy knit. You wouldn’t think that to look at it, would you? But it was and because it was so easy it was enjoyable enough to do while watching TV. For the KAL, Michelle had some minor errors in the pattern, which I know she has since corrected for the purchased pattern. Throughout the whole process she was super-reachable online and was always there to help.

So there ya go! I am very happy with this. I think it’s the fourth Fickle Knitter shawl I’ve done (Jade CashmereFlambe, Ballerina, Obi), so you can definitely call me a fan. If you do this one, you MUST GET GAUGE. I had about 5 yards of yarn left over – literally!

One more pic . . .

All three sections


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3 Responses to The Obi Shawl

  1. Sarah says:

    Kimberly, I am on the home stretch – about half way through the final #5 edge. Hope to have it finished by Friday AND that it looks as nice as yours!

  2. That is stunningly awesome. Gorgeous colour, too. Amazing work!

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