California Craftini – Freezing Summer

As I sit to write this issue of California Craftini I am wearing fleece pants, a t-shirt and a fleece pullover and I’m under the covers with my pug/hot water bottle Rocky curled up against me. Just another typical Northern California July here in the Bay Area. BRRRR.

But that can be good news for us knitters (glass half-full!!!) in that we don’t have to put down our wooly knitted items for the summer. With that in mind, here’s a round-up of what’s going on in our knitting community as July hits its stride.

Let’s see . . . . what kind of pictures do I feel like today???? I am freezing, so . . . .

Brrrrrrr – ahhhhh.

News from the Internet

Amputeehee‘s Bonnie (American Canyon, y’all) has been lucky enough lately to both travel to Port Townsend, Wash for a spinning retreat and make it into a Stephanie Pearl “Yarn Harlot” McPhee class at a A Verb for Keeping Warm. She’s had some great blog posts (start here) about both that make you feel like you were there, so if you’re like me and you’re getting a little cabin fever in this friction California “sunshine” go and read her entries and live vicariously. That and a glass of wine is getting me through.

Carmel-based Jordana Paige, she of the fabulously chic knitting purses, is having a special sale for charity called “Purses for Preeclampsia”  – imperfect bags for $50 each with 100% of the proceeds to the Preeclampsia Foundation. Now, I am as much of a fan of a sale as the next gal, but I gotta say it . . .  “Purses for Preeclampsia?” Ew. [UPDATE 7/18 – Jordana Paige sent out an email late today saying demand was so high it crashed her site before all the purses could be sold. They raised $3,000 before pulling the plug, and will continue the sale/fundraiser at a later date to reach their goal of $10,000]

Feelin’ like this in my backyard today

News from Local Shops

No official word yet from Adela’s Yarns of Castro Valley as to where they will be moving by July 21. Am I the only one who finds that a bit worrying? In the meantime, they are having a sale. Go and buy yarn and if you find out their new address send it on to me and I’ll post it.

Fresh off its success hosting the Yarn Harlot last weekend (sold out!), A Verb for Keeping Warm is welcoming Donna Druchunas to the store in Sept. for two unusual classes on sock knitting. The first, Bosnian Toe-Up Colorwork Socks, features a pair of socks I think  I would be too proud of to wear if I ever knit them, and the second, Lithuanian Socks Heels and Toes, feature designs from vintage Lithuanian knitting patterns.

Boll Weaver Yarns of Eureka has closed its storefront, according to its website. But local far enthusiasts can take their passion to Boll Weaver Design Studio located in the owner Crystal Dobbs’s  Eureka home. Call for an appointment.

Clemes & Clemes  of Pinole (which I live within spitting distance of – literally! But I’m too much of a lady to spit. Much. ) is appearing at the Convergence 2012 show in Long Beach through the 21st and will travel to the SOAR Spin-Off Autumn Retreat in Tahoe City in October.

ImagiKnit of San Francisco announced it got a new shipment of Habu. They have a not-terrifically informative blog entry about what you can do with Habu. .

K2Tog of Albany is celebrating 5 years in business on July 21 with a party at the store. Customers are welcome to join in a community knitting project to create blankets for a women’s shelter. Check the store’s Facebook page for details.

Knitterly in Petaluma is having its annual sidewalk sale and owner Shelli is VERY EXCITED.

Nine Rubies of San Mateo will hold a Shibori Scarf workshop with Jan Hurwitz on Aug. 18.

Purlescence Yarns of Sunnyvale is having a sale on all its Schaefer Yarns through July 21. In case you are wondering, my birthday is in January and my favorite Schaefer yarn is Anne. She’s so soft!

Now that’s a hat!

News from Local Dyers and Spinners

Anzula Yarns of Fresno has temporarily suspended its knit nights due to the soaring heat in the Central Valley! They invite folks looking for knit-togethers to go to Knit Addiction in Clovis. Dang, we could use some of that heat here.

Freia Fibers of Emeryville has its Purpleheart Sport featured in a cardigan pattern in the summer issue of Interweave Knits.

Knitted Wit of Portland, Ore (I know, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want) has announced a new “community supported yarn” club. Think community supported agriculture – those food co-ops you join to get fresh eggs and veggies, or in my case, fresh red meat – and you get the idea. Sign up and get five deliveries of fresh Knitted Wit yarns for five months. ROCKS!

Sincere Sheep of Napa has a new line of stitch markers that really rock. I was fortunate enough to receive a pair from the designer, Leticia Russell, at the Oakland Fiber and Textile Festival and I really like their sparkle and square shape – very sturdy and stable.

Tactile Fiber Arts‘s Maia Discoe is featured in Never Not Knitting’s podcast episode #59, “The Process Knitter.” That’s me. Knitting helps me process margaritas.

Oakland-based Wonderland Dyeworks is having a Christmas in July sale on its Etsy store. My favorite color – in case you’re shopping for me for Christmas and, really, why would you not? – is Water Nymph. Bought a skein of it in sock yarn last weekend at the Oakland Fiber and Textile Festival and have finished one sock already.

That’s a lot of cold hands

New from Local Pattern Designers

Fickle Knitter‘s Michelle Miller has a design featured in the current Jane Austen club kit from Woolgirl. How did there get to be a Jane Austen knitting kit and I missed it???

I made this in my backyard today

Crazy Animal Stuff

Meridian Jacobs Farm in Vacaville wants you to come and weave with them this summer at their Weekly Weaving Workshop (new meaning for “www”) for only $10.

Lompoc’s Ranch of the Oaks wants you to come and sit under the oaks and spin, weave, crochet or knit with them on Sun. July 22. I think we should do a ROAD TRIP!

That’s it! Here comes the disclaimer – posting here does not indicate endorsement. California Craftini does not accept remuneration for including items.

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One Response to California Craftini – Freezing Summer

  1. Mette says:

    Thanks for adding us into your great blog.. I will have to follow you.. LOL
    Just a little correction its Sunday that we are Crafting under the Oaks… Ya got the date correct , just not the day… Hope you can join us some time!!! Maybe in Sept for National Alpaca Farm day…
    Have a fleecy day….

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