California Craftini, June 15, 2012

HAPPY KNIT IN PUBLIC WEEK!!!! Yeah, we knitters are so freakin’ cool, we need a whole WEEK  – June 9-17 – to knit in public, none of these stinkin’ days! What did you do during Knit in Public Week? Knit on a bus? On a a plane? Who, us? We knit in a bar. But then, we knit in bars a lot!

Meanwhile, lots of local designers, yarn producers and store owners are off to TNNA’s big annual show next week in Columbus, Ohio. We went last year and had a ball (GET IT????). But not going this year. Boo hoo hoo.

And we are still trying to figure out how best to post our collection of local news. Should we post every 2 weeks? Every month? Bear with us as we figure this out.

And now, without further ado, Issue #2 . . . .

News from the Internet

Is it just our internet search inabilities, or do the Oakland Athletics have NO Stitch ‘N Pitch event scheduled for 2012? The San Francisco Giants held theirs on May 29. What up, A’s? Threatened by a bunch women with sticks? (Actually, the way you guys have been playing, you just might be.)

Ever wanted to go to The National Needlearts Association‘s bi-annual trade shows and goggle at all the yarn, but don’t own a yarn store or work for one? Fiberstory posted three videos taken from the floor of January’s TNNA show in Long Beach. Part Two features an on-the-floor interview with Irish Girlie Knits designer Carrie Sullivan of Redwood City, about 16 minutes in. Watching her put a hat on host Johnny Vasquez’s head and hearing him say, “Wow, I could, like, rub my head all day in this” is worth it.

Holey, Moley! Is that Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits, giving a TED talk? Sort of a TED talk – Tedx Front Range. Nice new haircut, Eunny.

Gwen Bortner, the “Entrelac Queen” of Knitability fame who reigns us all from Le Grand, was recently on Marly Bird’s “The Yarn Thing” podcast. When Gwen calls herself “stupid and I am not trying,” that is our cue to holler and throw things at the speaker.

News from the Local Shops

Adela’s Yarn in Castro Valley is having a spring sale through the end of June. Go. Save money.

A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland has just launched a new club, Seam Allowance, in which members agree to make 25% of their own clothing via knitting, sewing, etc. Verb will throw a kick off party for the new club on June 30. I’m not making 25% of my clothes until my husband promises to make 25% of our food.

The Golden Fleece in Santa Cruz has a new owner (at least since the last time we were there) – Gunilla Leavitt. Gunilla is originally from Sweden and was a customer at Golden Fleece before buying the joint. She’ll host a Knit in Public Week event on June 16.

San Francisco’s ImagiKnit welcomes Collage by Tahki to its store for summer knitters. Which begs a question – Summer knitting? IN SAN FRANCISCO???

K2Tog in Albany has announced new summer hours. On Wednesdays, the shop will be open from noon to 6 instead of 10 to 6.

Knitterly‘s Ashleigh has been posting some cool pics of macrame jewelry she’s made using leftover schnibblets of yarn from her many projects, some of them combining sharp and classy buttons and other notions she’s found lying around the Petaluma shop. We think these would look especially nice on our wrists as we hoist our martinis in the backyard this summer.

Pleasanton’s Knit This, Purl That is holding a two-day trunk show, June 16 and 17, of Gail Davis Totes and Becky Caraco Designs flame worked glass buttons, beads and jewelry. At a Friday, June 15 reception, attendees can opt to buy a $20 ticket in exchange for a gift bag and a $20 gift certificate to the store.

The Swift Stitch in Santa Cruz sent a “delegate” to TNNA and she came home and wrote this great piece on their website likening knitting to the current election year, with “incumbents,” “also-rans” and “campaign promises.” Adorable! Creative! Our vote is for SALE!

Piedmont Yarn and Apparel in (you guessed it) Piedmont will hold a Knit in Public Week event on June 16. Participants will receive a 20% discount on that day. And don’t forget the 3rd Oakland Fiber Festival on July 8, which is project of this great local yarn shop.

“I made 25% of this bikini. And 25% of my boobs.”

News from Local Pattern Designers

Check out this knitting designer newcomer, Jean Chung, who lives in Irvine, has “designer” in her genes and likes to design knitting patterns based on “Downton Abbey” characters. She just launched her pattern line in 2011 and is already lucky – and talented – enough to have a pattern included in the current issue of Knitty.

Jen Gall of Berkeley has a pair of fingerless gloves in this current issue of Knitty.

Also included in Knitty’s “First Fall” issue is Kyle Kunnecke, a San Francisco-based artist. His Analog Vest was inspired by Fair Isle floats.

Michelle Miller of has three new one-skein shawl designs posted at her Fickle Knitter online store, which she runs from her home in Cyprus, Calif. One of the designs, The Obi Shawl, is what 75 knitters recently tackled as the latest mystery KAL between Fickleknitter and Zen Yarn Gardens. We are ALMOST done with ours – about 3 margaritas away, I’d say. And she is still reeling over getting her first pattern book, “Leaves,” reviewed by Clara Parkes. We don’t blame her one bit!

Brenda Patipa, another San Francisco designer, has a pattern in the current issue. Is there something in the SF Bay Area’s water that gives rise to so many knitting designers? We’d try it for ourselves, but we never drink water. Only cocktails.

News from Local Dyers and Spinners

Anzula Yarns of Fresno has relaunched its Project of the Month with an adorable shawlette called Multnomah knit with their Sebastian yarn and worn by an even more adorable pumpkin on Anzula’s website. Meanwhile, the Anzula gals have been busy knitting up Cookie A’s Monkeys socks and having too much fun, from the looks of their blog posts about it.

Lorajean Kelly of Knitted Wit fame (yes, I know, she lives in Portland, but I love her and I’m writing this, so there) is now working in Twisted, her LYS there in Portland. So if you’re visiting Portlandia, drop by and see her and ask to see some of her fabulous hand-dyed yarn.

Lisa Souza of Lisa Souza Knitwear and Dyeworks is raising money for The Grace Foundation, an animal rescue in her El Dorado Hills area that went to the financial mat to save a herd of local abandoned horses. Through the end of June, she is offering a sock yarn in a color way called Appaloosa, and all of the proceeds from its $18 price will go to the foundation. Lisa tells Craftini that knitters sent $4,000 in the first 12 days – we’ll drink to that!

Morgaine of Carolina Homespun writes on her blog, Spin for Peace, that she is gearing up for a trip from her San Francisco digs to the Black Sheep Festival in Oregon. And just in time for the revival of “Dallas,” she’s gonna have some new spindles from someone called “Texas Jeans” (sounds like someone with “big har,” don’t you think?). Can’t you just see yourself sittin’ and a-spinnin’ as you watch JR and Bobby tear up Southfork again? YEEE HAW!!!

And now, Issue #2 is in the can.  If you have a tip, an event, or a good blog read to share with us, contact Kimberly at kjwinston at comcast dot net.

NOTE – Inclusion does not signify endorsement. The author have accepted no remuneration, financial or material, for inclusion in this blog.

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I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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7 Responses to California Craftini, June 15, 2012

  1. Jean Chung says:

    Thank you so much for the mention! 🙂 I actually grew up in Cupertino up until I left for college so I’m kind of local? 🙂 I still go up to norcal alot; Purlescence and Imagiknits are two places I always drop by.

    • kjwinston says:

      Hey, Jean, thank you!!! And thanks for the info on your local connection. Stay in touch – I’m happy to blog about any news you have – new designs, shows, etc.

  2. Jen Gall says:

    Echoing Jean here – thanks for the mention about my pattern. I really appreciate it!

  3. Karen Frisa says:

    Love reading this — thank you!! A typo: Oakland Fiber Fest is July 8, not July 28.

  4. kjwinston says:

    EEEK. I’ll fix that right now!

  5. kjwinston says:

    Reblogged this on California Craftini: All Things Yarny in NorCal and commented:

    This issue of California Craftini first appeared on my other blog, Kimberly’s Craftini. I have moved it here.

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