A Trip to Rock Island

Okay, not really. I don’t even know where Rock Island is – and it doesn’t sound like a very pretty place. Sounds  . . . rocky. Rocky???? DID SOMEBODY SAY ROCKY????


Oh, sorry. Pug attack.

What was I saying? Oh, yes! Yesterday I finished Brooklyn Tweed‘s Rock Island Shawl.

Rock Island Shawl

In my previous post about this shawl, I mentioned how frustrated I was at its start – having to do so many (71!!!) repeats on so few stitches to create the knitted border. Well, I got over that as soon as it was done. Like childbirth. I loved making the lacy insert you see, and what really surprised me was how much I enjoyed working the garter stitch body.

Lace Insert

I think part – a big part – of why I enjoyed this so much was my choice of yarn. I used a skein of Golden Fleece‘s “Nymph” in color way Orchid – 700 years of SeaCell (60%) and Silk (40%). I bought the yarn at Knitterly last year, and when I went back to Knitterly in January, they only had one skein left, and it was also Orchid. The yarn had a great hand feel – soft – and a springiness. And I love the way it has blocked – you can really see the stitch definition and each strand in the lace insert seems to lay the way I want it to.


I wanna make this shawl again. No, really. Love it that much.


About kjwinston

I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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6 Responses to A Trip to Rock Island

  1. Carolyn says:

    You are too funny….Rock Island!

  2. ClownBarf says:

    No beads?!!

    • kjwinston says:

      CLOWN BARF??? Now, WHO could this be???? You are so funny, girl, I love you very much. See you Friday, okay?

      • ClownBarf says:

        Okay, but you’re going to have to figure out your own transportation to Ann Arbor… (you have TWO ClownBarf’s in your life??? You poor woman.)

  3. Rachelle says:

    Its Beautiful!! (you too, Rocky!) 😉

  4. I love the look and color of this yarn! And your dog is adorable. Thank you for all your kind words about my blog!

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