Holden Shawlette – All Finished!

This is my favorite kind of post to write – the one where we have gotten to the end of a class and I get to show off all the great hard work and imagination of the women who knit with me. I am so proud and so inspired by these women. I love my (second) job.

In the last session of the class, we discussed the picot bind off and how to add beads to it. If you want to add a bead to a picot bind off, you follow the directions for the bin odd – in this case, I believe it was BO 5, CO 3. After you cast on the last (third stitch) you knit it, and then you add a bead to that stitch using a crochet hook and then you move it to the right handed needle. Get it? Knit the stitch, but leave it on the left needle, add a bead to it, move the beaded stitch to the right needle and continue the directions (in this case, BO 5). Repeat!

So, there were, I think, seven of us when we started The Holden Shawlette  and almost all of us made it across the finish line by the last day of class. Those who did not were not far behind. Here are some pictures – and I must tell you they do not do justice to the vibrancy of the work, here – of what the students did.

Kathy's lovely Holden

This is Kathy’s beautiful shawl – she was working on the bind off in the last class. She made hers with two (maybe three?) skeins of Crystal Palace’s Panda Silk. I love the beads that she used. When she initially picked them, I thought, oh no, that’s gonna be a hot mess (thank’s Jaleh, that is my new favorite expression). But I was majorly wrong and she was happily right! Do you see them? They are on the knit stitches between the yarn overs down at the lace edge of the shawl. LOVE THEM!

And this one – down below here – is Sarita’s! Sarita made her shawl using a single skein of Schaefer’s “Anne,” in a very vibrant variegated pattern. Because of the riot of colors – this whole shawl makes me think of a circus – she decided – very wisely, I think – not to use beads. We both agreed beads might take this shawl over the top. I love how pretty these colors are against her skin. I hope she makes another (for me!)

And now we have Miss Rachelle’s Holden Shawl. Rachelle made hers . . . gosh, I forget what the yarn was at this point. Rachelle if you read this, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it was Malabrigo Sock. She, too, picked some beads that I was more than dubious about – and proved me wrong – I LOVE IT!!! Rachelle had hers finished in the class, and then she went home and blocked it and sent me a picture. I’m going to try and put both here . . . .

Rachelle, showing me her shawl at Stitches . . . .

Rachelle's Holden - beaded detail

Okay, now here is the picture she sent me . . . what a difference blocking makes:

The other little tidbit blocking on that towel is the Beaded Waterfall Necklace Rachelle also made with me. SHE IS VERY GOOD.

And here is Holly’s! Holly used a single skein of Schaefer’s “Audrey,” a lovely single-ply blend of wool and silk that I use often for lace. I love it. Holly loved it!


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3 Responses to Holden Shawlette – All Finished!

  1. Rachelle says:

    Yep, you’re right, Kimberly. It was Malabrigo Sock, colorway Primavera, and it was amazing to knit with. Love, love, love this yarn. And, I have just enough left, I think, for a matching Beaded Waterfall Necklace! 😉

    Thank you for the compliments, and for being such an amazing, enthusiastic, and inspirational teacher. I am lucky to have you in my neck of the woods!

    • Annie says:

      Hello! I know this post is old, but it came up so high on google. :). I’m at the end of my shawl and I’ve got a question. In the finishing section, before the picot bind off, it says “knit 2 rows in garter stitch.” Do you start with a knit row or a purl row? The only reason I ask is because now I’m on the RS and the last thing I knit was a knit row on the wrong side. If I were to start with a knit row now, it would appear stockingette-ish because of that last knit row on the wrong side. I I start with a purl row, it would look more garter-like. I’m confused as to what the pattern requires. If you have any tips, I would appreciate it SO much! :). Thanks!

      • kjwinston says:

        Hello, Annie! YES you knit two rows – so even tho you are on a RS you knit that row, then knit the next WS row and THEN when you are back on a RS row, perform the bind off. GOOD LUCK!

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