Stitch Sampler Scarf – They’re Done!

Last week was the last meeting of the Stitch Sampler Scarf class I have been teaching at K2Tog and almost all the students were screaming over the finish line. I took some pics of their great work and will share it here.


Look at those happy faces! Look how far they got!

In the last class, we discussed the very basics of chart reading so the students could tackle the last square, a heart worked in a knit-purl combination. There are a couple of things to remember when working a chart:

1. Read the chart from bottom to top

2. Read the chart from right to left on the odd, right side rows, and from left to right on the eve, wrong side rows!

3. Keep an eye on the symbols and note how they can denote two different stitches depending on which side of the knitting you are working on.

4. Use a lifeline – a strand of contrasting, thinner yarn or thread run under your live stitches – at the end of each pattern repeat.

5. Stitch markers are our friends. That’s why the knitting gods gave them to us. USE ‘EM.

Marlene finished!

Some of the students decided not to make the heart at all, or to chart their own designs on graph paper. Marlene made a four-leafed clover that looked really good and meant more to her than that dopey heart. I say GOOD ON YA!

Another thing we discussed was how to use a stitchionary – a stitch dictionary – to make our own designs. I recommended Barbara Walker’s Treasury series, tho I think the Vogue Stitchionary series is also good. I have and use both.

I can’t wait to see what these ladies come up with next. Happy Knitting!



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