Revidere Shawl – Time Out!

Detail, Revidere Shawl

You know, some days it just don’t pay to get out the knitting needles. Some days, the great ball of yarn that is our lives is a tangled, hopeless mess. Some days, the knitting gods are aligned against us. Today was one of those days.

For the last 4 months I have been designing my own shawl to enter in the ClaudiaYarns  “Shawl the Love” contest. I have posted about it here and on Ravelry and I was just in the home stretch. I am using 1100 yards of Claudia Hand Paints Silk Lace and today I was down to my last 20 or so rows.

Or I thought I was.

This shawl has three basic sections. Working from one end to the other, it consists of a border, a band of diamond motifs,  a large center pattern, then a repeat of the band of diamonds and the final border. I have knit it from one border to the ends of the center pattern, then cast on a second border that would be worked through to the second band of diamonds, which would then be joined by kitchener stitch to the first, much larger section of the shawl.

So there, I am this afternoon, sitting in my backyard, knitting away, Rocky the K2Pug sleeping in his bed at my feet. I had

Rocky the K2Pug

just finished the border – section about a foot long, and was just getting ready to make the final band of diamond motifs – a section of about 25 rows – when I noticed something wasn’t quite right.

It seemed that somehow, my second border had way more stitches on it than my first border. WHAT???? WHAT!!!!!!!! I grabbed for the first half of the shawl. How could this be? I took notes, I followed my notes when I cast on the second half – but there it was. On the first half of the shawl, I have 9 repeats of a wave-like motif across the border. And on the second half? I HAD 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had inadvertently cast on 127 stitches – not the 117 my notes said – and so i ended up with a whole extra repeat of the motif across the bottom of the shawl.

Now friends, I am a bit of knitting wizard. I can fix mistakes. I can make things that aren’t quite right look real good. But I cannot – NOT – make a band of 10 stitches about a foot long disappear!

I gotta rip out this whole piece

So. Right now. I gotta rip it all out. All of it. Beads included.

Now here’s the not so bad news – I didn’t run out of yarn. I didn’t tear the fabric of my knitting. I didn’t spill something on my knitting. My dogs did not eat my knitting. I did not get Raptured on Saturday and miss the whole contest. And the deadline for the contest is not June 1, but July 1. So I’ll make it.

But right now, I kinda wanna rip my hair out with my knitting.


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I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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5 Responses to Revidere Shawl – Time Out!

  1. Jean Cannon says:

    Oh NO. When I began to read and saw Rocky’s photo, I feared the worst – but was relieved to find out it was a human error, not canine. Do you have enough yarn to save the extra part and make a cape for Rocky? Guess not. Probably wouldn’t be appropriate with the beads etc. This will all be forgotten when you win the contest.

  2. kjwinston says:

    Oh, Jean, you are so sweet! No Rocky is FINE! He is at this moment snuggled down in bed with Terry after giving me a good imitation of a poor, pathetic little lost orphan shivering in the cold of the backyard this morning. As for me, I frogged last night and will cast on again this morning. It didn’t kill me and will only make me stronger.

  3. Jan Austerlitz says:

    I can’t believe it. That would have never gotten finished if it had been MINE. The photo looks like a billowing cloud. It is gorgeous! I see you didn’t get raptured, so your yarn is still in your hands and not Ellen’s. I thought that was the best comment I heard about the rapture. Did you have a good anniversary?

  4. Sarah Fuller says:

    Kimberly, Here’s the thing. Yes it’s a #@$%^&*! error (amazing that you actually made one), but the shawl is unbelievably pretty and that should carry you through. Truly, it is exquisite.

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