Haruni Shawl -The End, You Really Made It!!!

Haruni - Done!

Okay! We should be just about done with The Haruni Shawl. Or not! When we had our final meeting last week, everyone was dedicatedly working away on theirs, but, alas, I was the only one who had made it to the end. So let me tell ya how you bind off this sucker.

We have two choices of casting off: with a crochet hook or with an I-cord. I decided against the I-cord bind off because a) it would take more yarn; b) it would take more time; and c) I think it would look bulky. So I chose the crochet hook bind off.
To perform this bind off, you take a crochet hook that is the same size or close to the same size as the knitting needle you’ve been using. In this case, our knitting needle was a US 4, so I used a size C crochet hook.
You work this bind-off with the right side of the shawl facing you, beginning at the right corner. In this bind off, you’ll use your crochet hook as though it were your right-handed knitting needle. The pattern tells us to begin with a K4tog – knit 4 stitches together. So, you use your crochet hook to spear 4 stitches, from the left to the right, from the front to the back, just as you would if you were using a knitting needle in your right hand. Then you wrap the working yarn around the crochet hook and draw it through the 4 stitches and pull them off the left-handed needle. Then you make 6 chain stitches.
From here to the last 4 stitches of the row you repeat the following: k3tog; bind off 1 stitch by passing the second stitch on your crochet hook (the one that is furthest away from the hook end) over the first stitch on the crochet hook (the one that is closest to the hook end); chain 6 stitches AND REPEAT.

Patricia, adding beads

When you get to the last 4 stitches on the row, k a;; 4 stitches together and YOU’RE DONE.
One thing to note – if you are performing this bind off correctly, all the k3togs will take place at the tips of leaves and the tops of columns of yarnovers. The series of chains will float between these anchors, like little loops. For a good reference, look at the picture on page 6 of the pattern.


Run a sinkful of cold water with a teaspoon or less of wool wash such as Eucalan or Soak. Let the shawl soak for a few minutes, drain the sink and gently squish the excess water out of the shawl. Place the shawl right side up on several towels and, working from the center to the outside edges,  place T-pins in the points of the leaves and the edges of the shawl. Let it dry and WEAR IT PROUDLY DAMMIT.

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