Haruni Shawl – Over the Finish Line

I finished Emily Ross’ Haruni Shawl last night at about 11:25 p.m. Watched a marathon session of Ken Burns’ “The Civil War” on PBS – they finally stopped asking me for more money – and I added the last bead and cast off the last stitch. Here’s a picture right off the needles:

Haruni - Off the Needles

I thoroughly enjoyed this very fine pattern. BUT. I bought one skein of Cascade Yarn’s Heritage Silk in color Lilac and really thought I could make it to the end. Okay, really HOPED I could make this a one-skein wonder. Alas. I got ONE-THIRD of the way through the BIND OFF and then I RAN OUT OF YARN. UGH!!!!!!!!!! Fortunately, I had another skein. I was prepared for this. Emily says you need 460 yards and I had 437. But as every knitter’s tension is different, I hoped I might make it. I could have done one less chart repeat of chart A, but for my first one, I wanted to do it as designed.

I immediately went to block the shawl:

Blocking the Shawl

Compare the two pictures above to see how much the shawl relaxes and grows in the wetblocking process. Here is a picture of the center of the shawl, a pattern I have seen in both the Kernel Scarf on Knitty.com and in Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia. I love it . . . .

Center Leaf Motif

I think Nancy calls it the lilac leaf motif. How appropriate for my yarn and the fact that my two lilac bushes are in bloom.

I added beads to this pattern on the border. I used almost a whole tube of size 8 transparent cubes with an aurora borealis finish, attaching them with a size 12 tiny crochet hook on the right side of the work.

Beaded Border

I will lead a knitalong of this pattern beginning April 6 and continuing on April 20 at K2Tog, 1325 Solano Ave. in Albany, CA. If you’re around and you wanna joina fun buncha women, come on by. We start at 6:30 !


About kjwinston

I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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5 Responses to Haruni Shawl – Over the Finish Line

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love it. Makes me want to make a shawl, but I have so many ufo’s right now I really shouldn’t.

  2. chris reeder says:

    The Civil War series is fascinating. Can’t turn it on, or I’ll be sucked into the TV for at least two hours.

  3. BJ says:

    I was wondering what size knitting needles you used for your Haruni shawl. I am planning on making one, but sadly I only have 437 yards of yarn. So my question is, if I go down a needle size will I have enough yarn to finish the shawl as written? I don’t want to run out of yarn.

    • kjwinston says:

      Hi, BJ. I used size 5 – one size larger! I have to say, your proposition makes me nervous.50 yards is A LOT. It is about 1/9 – almost 10 percent – of the recommended yardage. I would not risk it. I would, instead, indulge in another skein of yarn, if you can. Let me know what you decide, and send pictures as you go along.

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