How It’s Going

It’s been 8 days since we brought Rocky home. Tell me how you think it is going . . .

Close . . .

closer . . . . .


This last pictures was taken this morning. We have had two really good days, after a weekend that included some snarling and time-outs. But we are so proud of Taffy. She lets Rocky share her toys, eat out of her dish, lie beside her.  She still has her moments, but I can see the end of this, and it’s a good end.

Meanwhile, here are some more pictures . . .


Taffy - Isn't she beautiful?


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I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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3 Responses to How It’s Going

  1. Jen says:

    Kimberly…Things are looking good! I love the pictures. They look so happy!

  2. Cameron says:

    Totally adorable…I especially love the pic of the two of them on the bed, with Taffy’s feet in the air! She looks blissed out!

  3. LisaB says:

    It’s officially a Pack! Way to go, Leader of the!

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