New Year’s Resolution

Okay, this is the ONLY one I am making – to beef up my Etsy store. And in keeping with that, on this frist working day of the new year – I tried really hard to take better pictures of my stuff. This is a constant battle for me – I am techno-challenged and probably only know how to use 1/100 of my camera’s tools. But here are the results – and I am pretty happy with them.

Evening Star Earrings

These are my “Evening Star Earrings,” now posted in my Etsy store. To see the old picture, scroll down to my last blog entry. Better, huh?

I am calling this the “White Star Pendant.”

White Star Pendant

That’s one of my favorite beverages, White Star.

Amber Star Pendant

And this one is the “Amber Pearl Pendant.”

So, now I gotta get back to taking some pictures of older things and reposting those.


About kjwinston

I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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