I Hate People. I Love Crafts

So I had quite the weekend. While I was at work at K2Tog, two women came in and while one occupied me (the only sales associate on the floor) the other stole my wallet out of my purse, which was just behind the counter.

That’s bad enough. Two hours later, a man called claiming to be an “Officer McGuiness” from Alameda Police and claimed they had caught a woman passing herself off as my daughter and authorized to use my ATM card. He asked me a couple of questions (“Do you have a daughter? Is anyone authorized to use your card?”) and then connected me to someone claiming to be a Bank of America security officer. She spoke with me for 10 minutes or so – using what I am sure was a script (“Well, Mrs. Ligocki, as a platinum card holder with Bank of America Visa/Mastercard, you have 100% coverage”). And then she asked me for my pin for confirmation. Yes, dear reader, I gave it to her.

Then I asked her to connect me back to the “officer,” which she did. He was all understanding when I said I did not care about anything in the wallet but the picture of my dead dog, Bella. “I’ll make a note of that, if we recover the wallet.” Nice, huh? There is a special place in hell for these people.

So, for me it was aHAPPY EASTER!!!! Actually, my sweet husband, Terry, had a nice Easter surprise for me when I got home. he had gone to the store and bought these funny plastic eggs with goofy faces on them and put my favorite Easter candy, Peeps, inside. Then he hid them. Sort of. A Happy Egg

A Happy Egg

My husband and I cancelled all the cards and by the morning we were aware I had been scammed. A call to the Alameda Police Dept. revealed there is no officer McGuiness there. A call from B of A, checking on usual activity on our account, revealed that the woman – and the PHONY CONFIRMATION NUMBER SHE GAVE ME – were, well, phony. These folks are gooooooood. As far as we can tell, they only got away with $492 and we are, indeed, covered. But I tell you, people suck.

Okay, so what else was I up this weekend craftwise?

Friday morning was my knitting circle, and as usual, Ms. Sarah was the big show-off, over-achiever beyotchie-poo. She is making these swell socks – she probably also spun the yarn, but I was so green with envy I didn’t ask:

Stoopid overachiever socks

Stoopid overachiever socks

Sarah Smarty's Socks

Sarah Smarty's Socks

And she is also making these very cool mittens where you are doing double knitting and Fair Isle knitting at the same time. WHAT DID I TELL YOU? SHE’S A BIG OVER ACHIEVER. Hey, Sarah, when you read this – assuming you can stop knitting for a minute – will you put a comment at the end of this post and tell us where this pattern can be found? Ditto on the socks.

Here are the mittens:p4100115

Jan showed off this adorable sweater she is making for her grandson, Owen. Jan – when you read this, leave a comment saying what book it is from. I can’t remember. SO CUTE.

Owen's sweater  - by Jan

Owen's sweater - by Jan

Jean came wearing a knitted vest she had made – she called it a “grandma vest,” but I think most grandmas don’t look as hot as Jean does. Jean – leave a comment saying where the pattern can be found:

Jean and her Fancy Vest

Jean and her Fancy Vest

And Ellen K joined us this Friday – a rarity lately, and we miss her very much. She is busy going to school to become a nurse. Ellen is another hot-shot knitter. She is at work on this gorgeous sweater that comes from the book A Fine Fleece. Ellen does not like to have her picture taken and I didn’t want to get poked with knitting needles, so here’s her sweater:

Ellen's Sweater

Ellen's Sweater

This is a pretty talented group, don’t you think? I’ll put pictures of our creation here every week, and hopefully links to all the places where the patterns can be found.

Today – Monday –  I awoke to find that I sold another necklace through my Etsy store. But one catch – I had already sold this necklace to a friend and FORGOT TO REMOVE IT FROM MY ONLINE STORE.  ARRRRRRG! So. After I went to the DMV to get my license renewed (don’t you love the DMV? I tell you, a trip there will ruin your faith in humanity, if it isn’t already gone. Which mine is.) I dashed off to Baubles and Beads to see if – HOPE if, PRAY if – they still had the pendant for the necklace that I bought there more than 6 months ago. Dear reader, I found it. SOMETHING is going my way.

So here’s the necklace, under construction:

Flying Cranes under construction

Flying Cranes under construction

You can see the finished necklace on my Etsy store here.

I bought another few goodies at B&B – my favorite bead store in the entire world – and will post here about them later this week. Perhaps by then my faith in people will be restored.


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I am a freelance religion reporter living in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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4 Responses to I Hate People. I Love Crafts

  1. Jean says:

    Hot Jean here. Pattern is Sarah James Diagonal Knit Vest WV315 (website http://www.sarahjamespatterns.com.)

    What a horrible story! I know your faith in humanity will be soon restored, but in the meantime you have lots of sympathy. WHAT A RIP.

  2. sarah Fuller says:

    First, Kim, I am so so sorry about your wallet and the call and the horrible follow up. But thank you for the reminder about not giving your pin over the phone to anyone, Officer McGuinness or not. The bank knows your pin. They should have asked confirmation of your mother’s maiden name or some such. Your robbers were way too smart; that is what you get for being so nice and talkative in the store.
    And now, let’s get something straight. Would that I worked in your nice systematic linear fashion. You are so productive and those of us who know you know you complete more than any of the rest of us. My failing is that I get so curious about starting new projects and I am so undisciplined that I have far too many things going at once. This means that most every day I feel as if I am getting no where. Then, suddenly, in one week I will finish several things and I feel like I’m finally doing something. Case in point: I suffer from second sock syndrome like so many other people and that pair of socks was started months ago. One sock languished in a drawer waiting for me. There was nothing wrong with the first; it was only suffering from my fickle nature. The pleasing feature of second sock syndrome is that when you finish the second you feel so productive!
    So.. the sock is “Simplicity” from “The Eclectic Sole” by Janel Laideman, an easy pattern that was quite fun to make. I made the leg longer. I don’t like short socks. I hate that gap between the bottom of your trousers and the top of the sock. The wool is Fleece Artist’s
    Somocko (Merino, Kid Mohair, Nylon and Silk). It is an absolute joy to knit with. Apparently it is machine washable. I knit it on 2’s.
    Now for the mittens, not twined and not handspun, but a fun Fair Isle. It’s double only on the cuff because you fold it under and connect by knitting the first row to the last. It’s also a nice pattern which I ordered as a kit from Wooly West some time ago. Nancy Bush may no longer be stocking it. The wool is Riihvilla, a soft Finnish wool, that was referenced recently on Knitter’s Review. It also is a pleasure to knit with, and that’s what we do it for, right?
    So please, don’t overestimate my efforts. I am just slogging along like the rest of us. The only hand spun piece I have going is the same sweater as Ellen’s from “A Fine Fleece” and my sweater may end up too small! A little heavy duty blocking may be in order.
    On a positive note, my truck sweater went to its happy home and its family was very appreciative. The baby will be born shortly and plans to visit his grandparents in Iceland this summer, possibly wearing his sweater.
    And now finally, no more pictures unless you can make me look less weird. What a fruitcake.

  3. Janice Hitchcock says:

    “Creature Comforts” by Amy Bahrt, 2005. I like the book because it has generic cardigan and pullover sweater patterns that are combined with any of 23 intarsia patterns. There are also hat, blanket, and mittens patterns. Sizes 6, 12, and 18-month sizes, but beef up the yarn and needles and you can push it to 24 months as well. Beware the author’s advice to use cotton, though. Intarsia and cotton don’t go well together.

  4. Victoria Mirabelli says:

    Boy Kimberly…what a scam..I will remember that if something similar happens to me…good heads up! glad you did not lose any money…hope they catch them…do they have a photo from the ATM camera?

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